Historic Improvements

All of the technicians at Evans Air Experts, are NATE certified. Founded in 1997, North American Technician Excellence (NATE) is the nation’s largest non-profit certification organization for heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration technicians. Headquartered in Arlington, Virginia, NATE is the certification organization that was developed by, and has been supported by the entire HVACR industry for nearly 20 years.

Before NATE (long before NATE!) there were no standards for maintaining cooling systems. There were some innovative ideas, though.

The ancient Romans were fascinated by engineering, and used their skills in attempts to beat the sultry heat that benumbed their capitol during the summer months. In pre-Christian times, they designed and built aqueducts supported by beautiful arches – some of them are still there, enhancing European landscapes – that would channel fresh water into the cities. “Even more innovatively,” wrote anthropologist Karl Fabricius, “the water channeled in was piped through the walls of select houses.” The people who lived in those select houses were very lucky. The flowing water cooled the brickwork and lowered the room temperature.

In the third century, a Roman emperor had donkey trains haul great amounts of snow down from the mountains to cool the garden next to his villa. The Chinese were not to be left out. In the second century Ding Huan, founder of the Han Dynasty, was kept cool by a large hand-powered, rotary fan worked by prisoners. Later on, the prisoners were replaced by hydraulic power.

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